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The National Federalist Party is a youth group; our clientèle are clean cut, ambitious, right wing college students. The Party is a stage for American nationalists who wish to pick up skills that can be used in the greater political arena. While a mostly broken collective of individuals run the greater “movement,” the NFP seeks to provide a well maintained support base to help politically minded people grow and thrive.

Nationalist politics have become a mess of factions, each with their own narrow minded idea of how to sway the public. The path away from this chaos is simple, we must carefully prototype new ideas and tactics. Blast the airwaves, drop leaflets or USB drives; anything that can be used to spread our message must be put into play.

Skill and information have a tendency to be left behind in the modern political sphere. To address this, we are creating manuals, crash-courses, and resources to help give a new generation of activists the tools they need to fight back. We have the patience and resolve to play the long game.

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