The National Federalist Party is an ever-growing community of American Ultranationalists dedicated to taking an action-based approach to both local and national politics.

Plenty of Americans will agree that there is something wrong with the nation’s current state of affairs, be it crime, pollution, the economy, or any number of other issues that we face daily. Most, if not all of these problems can be traced back to corruption within a greater power or system that can allow for such issues to occur. While the actions of private individuals may contribute to our nation’s troubles, they often cannot solve them. Those in a position to actually make a difference, regardless of their responsibilities to the people, instead focus on their own careers and personal successes, or even darker, more ambitious goals. They are seemingly entrenched in their positions, replaceable with similar cheats should one or two be ousted. Though they are guilty, so are we as a society.

We as a people have grown content with the decaying state of affairs and to the gilded cages that surround us. Sleek electronics, cheap and fattening foods and treats, unlimited media, and countless other earthly pleasures — all addictive — litter the human mind, distracting it from any thought beyond immediate gratification. Any who disagree even slightly with the direction our nation and world are headed will keep such opinions to themselves. These troubled souls face two possible consequences, should they take action: First, they could be cast out from their schools, jobs and social circles for their heresy against progressive values. Second, they risk being cut off from the system to which they are dependent, should they succeed.

Everyone who lives in even partial comfort fears the idea of losing their 21st century lifestyle. It is human nature to desire stability — food and shelter, safety, a sense of belonging, and other needs that may be lost should anything change. So, they will fight to maintain it. If they are told to love something, they will love it. If they are told to hate something, they will hate it. If they are fed lies, they will swallow them with a smile. If tragedy occurs, they will follow their media-guided prompts before returning to normal. They will sacrifice their liberty, personal values, and their integrities at the drop of a hat, should authority or the popular encourage them to do so. They will live this way unquestioning for fear of retaliation, should they choose to make a sacrifice for the greater good. However, to obey is to live in the splendor of the modern age, and so they are content.

The National Federalist Party is not content. The NFP has no tolerance for being bribed or browbeaten into submission. Here, we seek only the truth, and to expose those who would hide it and do harm unto this nation and its people.