The History of the Party

The first iteration of the NFP evolved out of the /meadhall/ board on a certain image board that will go nameless. Many posters felt dissatisfied with the party system in America, and sought to create their own. However this effort proved to be in vain. While a newswire and ideology (a strange mix of libertarian and hard right often found on the chans) was quickly established, the group became divided.

Many ideological differences existed between the group members, leading to the factions. A slow spiral into madness occurred, the NFP and its more moderate factions began to infight. New groups like United Patriots attempted to get into the mix. Leaders came and left until a single lonely faction remained.

Somehow this small faction refused to die off like the others. Biding its time, it took help when it could. A friendly group from the UK helped with communication. Another others helped grow technical infrastructure. Slowly, the NFP got back on its feet and learned from its mistakes.

Instead of focusing on building a traditional party, the group shifted to start learning about propaganda. Why do people like certain things but hate others? How do you tell if a campaign is successful? New tools were built to suit the group. A research and development strategy was created. New and more insane ideas slowly came together to build the perfect mix of shock, awe, and resilience.

Why the NFP

Unlike other groups in the right wing, the NFP is exclusively a youth movement. To build a party, you need members with training and experience. The first and most important part of the NFP is its new local units. These groups meet once a month in their respective areas and learn political skills while keeping the movement alive on the streets. Interested in joining the fun?

The Greater NFP is a research and development group. Taking in new ideas constantly, it seeks to create and distribute manuals, tactics, and resources to local units. Constantly working towards building the political party of the future, this superstructure wing of the group brings people together from all over the nation.