Hate Facts: Gays

The stark truth

As the gay acceptance movement grows more and more mainstream, people have forgotten the true implications of widespread homosexuality in the US. Few people have ever taken the time to look closely at the gay community, and those who do rarely bring the many detrimental fetishes they hold to light. The reality of the gay community is one that many people don't want to acknowledge, but its something that people need to truly consider before they take a stance on homosexual issues.

Bug Chasing

"Bug chasers," also known as "poz pigs" or "gift seekers," are gay men who actively attempt to seek out, and infect themselves with HIV under the false notion that once they "get the gift" they can have unrestricted and unprotected sex with other HIV positive men. Many bug chasers get off on the idea of being infected with resistant straits, as part of a dominant/subordinate sexual relationship.

Impact & Implications

The US government spends almost $21 billion a year treating HIV/AIDS, with the majority of infections coming from gay men. In many states, the intentional transmission of AIDS is illegal, yet few people are prosecuted for the act.

Anal Fisting

Anal fisting is a common sexual act in the gay community, involving a man inserting his fist as far as possible into another mans anus. Fisting is commonly associated with BDSM, where sub commonly receive the act from a "dominant" man. It is not uncommon to see someone stretch their anus for months in advance to prepare for this act.

Impact & Implications

Anal fisting often causes bowel ruptures, infections, as well as internal bleeding. This dangerous act often leads people into the hospital, wasting taxpayer money on those who have accidentally hurt themselves as part of a wild and risky fetish.

Poppers & Recreational Drugs

Poppers, a slang term for alkyl nitrites, are a recreational drug often found and used at gay nightclubs and orgies. Alkyl nitrite and its variants act as muscle relaxants when inhaled. This drug and its variants are widely used by the gay community 1970's. Their use is considered normal in a party setting.

Impact & Implications

Although Alkyl Nitrite and its variants have not yet been scheduled by the DEA, Poppers are considered a gateway drug to Meth and Heroine. As use of poppers has increased, so has the prevalence of hard drugs. Popper overdose can lead to cyanosis, unconsciousness, coma, and even death.

Financial Domination

Often approaching the realm of outright insane, some gays who participate in a master/slave sexual relationship may engage in financial domination. This often involves the "master" degrading the "slave" until the "slave" gives the "master" a significant amount of money. Some "masters" may set up amazon wish-lists for their "slaves" to purchase gifts from.

Impact & Implications

Some "masters" encourage their "slaves" to give them almost all of their income, sometimes even welfare money. Although this fetishes advocates commonly claim that all is consensual, "slaves" may be verbally degraded before giving significant amounts of cash.

Burdizzo & Eunuch play

In the more extreme BDSM settings, some "masters" may encourage their "slaves" to become Eunuches. Huge websites such as "The Eunuch Makers" earn a profit by selling videos where gay men have their testicles removed. This process is commonly done through the process of restricting blood flow to the testicles for an extended period of time, before they are removed with a Burdizzo, a tool often used to castrate large animals.

Impact & Implications

Often this procedure is not administers by a medical doctor, and if incorrectly done, this act could cause serious infections. The true medical effects of Eunuch play is not well understood, and those who practice it are generally under-qualified.

Posted on: 2017-07-21 18:04:09