Antifascist Fraud

I've spent a lot of time infiltrating and investigating antifascist action groups, and for a while I've heard various rumors about some sort of monetary fraud being used. The size and scale of the whole thing was pretty much unknown, until now.

While the majority of antifascist action groups in the US operate independently of one another, the oldest and most organized groups have been brought together under one roof. Torch antifascist action.

Torch antifascist action runs a nonprofit called "The One Peoples Project." Although never explicitly confirmed, it appears that through the One Peoples Project, the Torch network donated money to themselves, allowing its members to write off their actives as tax deductible.

The One Peoples Project has never reported any of the income that it receives to the IRS, even though it got at minimum 112 dollars a month.

Great job on the book keeping TORCH.

However, the fraud doesn't stop there. We know that the TORCH network encouraged its members to find alternate ways to siphon money. One such interesting example of this can be found in Hoosier Anti Racist Movement, also called HARM.

HARM is believed to have either set up or strongly associated itself with "Hoosier Action." Hoosier Action siphons manpower and money from Indiana University and uses this to assist HARM in their efforts.

Not much is know about how the group started, although some digging reveals that it is associated with a man named David Pace and that the group also participates in focus group targeting.

This is interesting to note, as this is not a common tactic used antifascist action. It shows clear a jump in their strategy and sophistication.

The truth is though, this isn't the whole picture. We only have a very limited view of the problem. There are other people out there that have more information. Information that could complete ours. Information that could show us a bigger picture.

In this spirit, we have decided to release all of the raw information we have on the torch network and their member groups to the general public. You can download all of this information in a raw sql format through our website.

Happy digging.

Download raw sql file

Posted on: 2017-09-14 20:35:13