Through the month of January, tons of amazing things have happened. USB drives, new manuals, and the revival of dead projects, and much more. This action packed month has been an incredible way to kick off the year for the NFP.


Across the country, agents of the National Faggotry Federalist Party have been hard at work distributing USB drives full of redpills. Originally an idea created by 8ch/pol/ many years ago, the party saw an opportunity too good to miss. These drives had potential, but they were missing quite a lot. They needed content, a decent design, and of course, mass scale deployment.

After sourcing some good tidbits from our hatefacts archive, our members set forward writing articles on various topics we thought our audience would either appreciate or sperge out over. Let me say right now, the work that they pulled together was some of the best stuff I have seen out of the party in a long time. With a crisp design to wrap everything, these redsticks were ready for use.

On the first of the year, mass deployment began. The results were absolutely hilarious, with one NFP member stating that "[his] sides exited the galaxy." Check out the reactions yourself:


In classic NFP style, everything needed to do this yourself has been released to the general public. The HTML files that need to be written to the drive can be downloaded here as well as an in depth manual covering how to build content for, purchase, and distribute your very own redsticks. Put your own spin on it. Test, test, and re-test. The right wing will only win should you dare fight.


Old time watchers of the NFP will recall the times when hosted more news related content through the media blog, rather than the party related content that we have been posting. All of that is coming back. Recently, we have chosen to merge this idea with the outpost observer blog we had hosted for some time.


Behind the scenes there is a pretty distinct reason behind our choice to revive these projects. In many of our areas of operation anarchists and communist run small magazines they call "zines." These small papers are used as propaganda to push their agenda.

Varios zines produced by anarchos.

To compete with these papers the NFP has decided to begin distributing its own "zine" (the outpost observer) in a clever way. While most anarchists are stuck in the previous era of traditional paper distribution, we have begun work on a new way to propagate our message: bathroom stall doors. Everyone likes to read as they take their time on the toilet. Our new line of posters brings the news to the people directly. No more wasting time printing papers and hoping someone picks them up on the off-chance a passerby might be interested. Reads are guaranteed.

A sample design.

We hope this new strategy will bring in a reader base from outside our traditional sources. Going outside of the bounds of traditional media is our specialty. Keep an eye on the outpost observer and future operations by them.


I won't say anything yet, but the NFP has some amazing new projects in the works. Grab a bowl of popcorn, sit back, relax, and watch the storm. This is only the beginning.

Posted on: 2018-02-03 14:12:58