Spring Fun

The past few months have been eventful for the NFP. With counter demonstrations, leaflet seeding, and propaganda disruption, a lot has happened.

Protest Disruption:

In late March, one of our members found out that the local socialist group was protesting the purchase of an ACP. Not wanting to miss out on an intelligence gathering event and possible fun, NFP members showed up on scene. This is a member account of what happened.

We knew that the local DSA (Democratic Socialists of America, a cancerous far left group often found spreading their drivel on campus) was probably going to do something big in the wake of recent events. Local cops decided to divert some of their funds from a building project to purchase a glorified brinks truck. The purchase was mundane, but the DSA, scrambling to be relevant in a town that was slowly rejecting them, decided to take a stab at it. Normally this just involved putting some posters up and making an angry facebook post or two. When they teamed up with the local black lives matter group and started a protest, we couldn't believe it. We had to attend, it was simply to good to resist.

However, there was a problem. We needed to get intelligence on who was organizing the event and disrupt it, but only two members were able to show up. A simple plan was devised. I stood outside the building, as one of our members (masquerading as a DSA supporter) entered covertly and sat down in city hall as the protesters made a half assed attempt to disrupt the council meeting.

As the protesters left the building at the close of the event, they poured out into the sidewalk outside. At first, they simply stared at me as I held my sign up. To dumb to know what they were even protesting against, one socialist asked me what an ACP was. Quickly realizing they were not alone, the crowd turned angry. I could overhear one man complaining that the "fucking idiot with the shit eating grin" would dare turn up to one of their events. Another person (an overweight woman in her early twenties, obviously a college student) asked if I wanted this as my tinder profile picture and if I "have people lining up to date" me. I informed her that she could catch up to the front of the line if she did some cardio at the gym. One older man attempted to distract me from one side, as another woman tried to take pictures of me.

Intelligence wise, the protest was a gold mine. We were able to identify two previously undocumented groups in the area. On top of that, we may have also been able to identify the organizers of the protest, although there is still some speculation about how the event was run.

Zine Dumping:

Those familiar with the intricacies of leftist propaganda are familiar with the concept of a zine. Zines, short for magazines, are small homemade booklets. Often given out to spread a political message, they are a hallmark of anarchist and communist awareness campaigns. Plain Words, a zine distributed in Bloomington, Indiana has been a great source of unintended humor for NFP members. We estimate that the NFP and our friends in the area are the paper's biggest reader. However all good things must come to an end.

Plain Words has a small, nasty habit that disrupts the local downtown area. They often dump out newpaper boxes and replace the contents with their vile propaganda. In an effort to reclaim the downtown area, NFP members identified all of their distribution points and systemically removed their zines. In their place, we left a poster in the outer display, "ANARCHOS OUT, LOCALS ONLY."

Leaflet Seeding:

Leaflets, they are something not often used by many right wing groups. Often viewed as too high of an investment cost, and too low of a reward, they are overlooked and underused. The truth is, these little pieces of paper have not yet undergone real testing in the political environment.

The NFP has been planning a test of these for quite a long time. Initial inspiration came from old military documents about psychological operations, but only now have they begun their first phase. Nearly two hundred have been printed in this evaluation run. Expect results to be published soon, and a new manual about their creation and use.

Posted on: 2018-05-12 16:44:17