Locals Only

The modern left believes that America is best suited as a voluntarist state. They refuse to acknowledge that society needs structure and boundaries. That society can be violent and tumultuous. They refuse to acknowledge the negative traits that they themselves are the greatest example of. Their petty vandalism and vicious threats. This is the true nature of their grand society, a society centered around self.

These people have come to the conclusion that man exists only to pursue pleasure and prevent pain. A conclusion devoid of any higher ideals. I ask of you, is man devoid of all goals above themselves? Are the people mere herd sheep to be ushered to their futureless path? They forget the lessons history has taught us; the societies that have fallen apart, the lives that have been ruined. They forget the philosophy that their own ideas have been built on.

With half baked ideas, these fools have taken to the streets. They have developed a taste for political power, and protest has become their hobby. As politicians look to their constituency, they see not the people they represent, but those who are the more vocal. The voice of the locals is drowned out by the shrieks of these outsiders.

These people rarely come from the communities they choose to protest in. California, Washington, New York. The most affluent districts. These are the homes of the outsiders. Yet, they have the gall to claim that they are defending the people. That they will care for the poor and the downtrodden.

They haven’t walked our streets, and yet they say we are in dire need. That we are threatened by police militarization or hate speech. How can they dare lay claim to a state that they have no roots in? When they wave their sign in protest against their pet issue they keep bringing up at the family dinner table, an issue that we supposedly need saving from, do they think we will just stand silently as they strip us of our right to be represented? That we will do nothing against them?

We cannot allow or lives to be dictated by these people. We have a right to our own state. Our own culture and people. Our own industry and economy. They owe us.

So while the militant groups organize, throwing up posters with talk about "Freedom from Democracy" or the terrible wrongs our communities have committed, are we expected to sit silently through the night. To take the beating strait to the face, and thank them. Never. I refuse.

Instead I will fight.

They gamble with our future like a game of Yahtzee. Shake the jar, and throw the people about. The numbers are in their favor, they view their victory as success. Yet it is short lived. They know themselves that their success won’t last long. People have come to hate them. Challengers have appeared at the table, and they aren’t interested in playing a game of dice.

Step outside your home, and look at the streets. What do you see? Leaflets full of meaningless drivel? An advertisement barking orders at you to subscribe to the next theory of life? A plea for the next far flung social program? Is this all our communities are to become? Are we going to simply allow stagnation to take a stranglehold over the people?

Its time for the locals to take back what is theirs. To halt the futureless society our enemies wish upon us.

Posted on: 2018-06-12 00:03:54