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#1 2015-10-28 03:57:33

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9/11 was a zionist conspiracy

9/11 is an overwhelmingly jewish conspiracy. The jews are the only ones who benefited from the wars following the attack, they no longer have saddam launching suds at israel after his ousting, and no longer have a powerful baath coalition facing them. Syria is a baath single party arab state and is currently in shambles, 2006 documents from wiki leaks prove that the CIA wanted to incite rebels to topple assad, why, to allow israel access to water and oil when the state falls. We are a puppet judo state.

For you to google;

Nick berg - a jewish student who used his computer login at his college in Oklahoma to purchase the hijackers tickets.

The dancing israelis - mossad agents caught filming the attacks before they happened and were detained.

Theres more but i dont feel like ranting, just google it.



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