After a 2 year period of invite only elitism, we have decided to open our doors. This has been a pretty complicated decision on our part. When groups recruit people en masse, quality drops. If a group has to few people, resources are spread thin.

The NFP has decided to do a limited recruitment run. We are looking for a few types of people:


The NFP has made huge investments into building intelligence infrastructure. We have built a fairly advanced system to keep track of the far left, and new features are coming soon. However this system is useless without people to manage it. We are looking for skilled diggers who can sift through tons of information with ease. Those who enjoy playing the counter intelligence game should consider joining as a digger, your actions can send our enemies efforts to a screeching halt.


Planners create the propaganda campaigns of tomorrow. While many groups are afraid to do anything other than protests and posters, we are looking to support people with unpredictable and eccentric ideas for new propaganda tactics. Move quickly and break things. Those who are willing to get their hands dirty and don't mind the risk of offline action should apply.


Online and offline content requires some skill to make. People with a knack for graphic design, video editing, and writing are needed to generate content for the party. We are slowly building up our infrastructure and expanding to be more than just a simple group of activists. To expand, we need content to fill in the gaps. Those comfortable in graphic design and writing will find themselves comfortable here; your work will pop up an unexpected places.

What can the party give in return:

  • Security against infiltration and doxing. While no group has 100% security, the NFP prides itself with its security measures and intelligence program.
  • High level of comradery. The NFP is a small, tightly knit group. Everyone knows each other well, and the party is fairly laid back.
  • A real effect on the world. The NFP has already made it to the newsfront a hand full of times. Our enemies know who we are in the regions we work in, and have learned to hate us for our ability to do a lot with very little. We support the ambitious thinkers of society, and give them the resources to go forward.
  • It never gets old. The party is always trying new things to push forward. We act first and talk later.
  • The group isn't limiting. While many groups are restrictive and covered in red tape, the NFP is open and willing to pursue the ideas of new and old members alike.

Requirements to join:

  • No boomers
  • Must be competent
  • Must be willing to work/contribute
  • No degeneracy/illicit activity
  • No ecelebs/status seekers

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