America as it once was only 50 years ago is not the nation we know of today. Once this great country was far more unified in it’s communities, development, and security. Our primary education equipped and prepared students with gainful employment and well honed trades. Social clubs ordered around institution and trade provided a level of inter-connectivity forgotten in our modern era. We had a far easier ability to own a business, pursue our life goals and explore the new and unknown.

There was a great sense of financial security, no need to keep up with loan payments to a vast international finance system. Nearly 90% of Americans were self employed. There was no dependence on large super-corporations and politicians were more trusted. It was not a perfect nation. No, it was a nation of struggle and strife, a beating pulse that gave us life.

However, this powerful nation has decayed. The America as we knew it has dissipated - not with a flash, but with a slow whining draw. Powerful individuals have long worked against a strong, united, and healthy culturally western and racially european demographic to erode their interests. A complacent individual is much easier to manipulate than one that is strong in nature and fulfilled in spirit. Our weakening is not unique. They have long conspired to create a global government, lacking any unique languages, cultures, borders or identity.

For us, it is not enough to lay down and watch the memory of what we once had fade. It is not enough to stand steadfast, and cry out as we are drowned. No, instead, we will fight.


Since the revolts of the enlightenment, western civilization as been spiraling down a moribund path. The subversive nature of the era have successfully overthrown the traditional ideologues of Europe and replaced them with republics and democracies intended to serve the well being of the individual above the nation. Naturally, their attempts to appeal to the well being of the individual above the nation has done the complete opposite. Not only have they overthrow the original bastions protecting our traditions, culture, demography, religion, language, and history; but they’ve replaced them with purely corporate entities who guide every election to a predetermined result through political donations and widespread lobbying.

The enlightenment ideology of placing free market capitalism, liberty and individualism as a country’s highest objectives has achieved the effective dissolution of the countries they inhabit. We now live in a borderless, degenerate, global empire of widespread hedonism; a system run by billionaire funded NGOs, Banks, and private companies who have no interest in the well being of the nations they occupy and destroy. In the eyes of our enemies, they have no desire for us to have an identity beyond commercial; to them, the type of music we listen to, the type of movies we watch, or the type of car we drive is who we are, anything else is an obstacle to commercial profit and the extent of our perceived use.

After the scientific revolution gave birth to two industrial revolutions, the revolt against tradition had transmutated into a new form: The Bolshevik revolution. Under the justification of attempting to destroy the natural class system that has existed in every culture, every country, in every time period, the bolsheviks starved to death 20+ million people, birthing the Soviet Union. As a result, Ukraine - a once wealthy country, was depopulated by 50% of its population and left as one of the poorest states in Europe; a curse that remains with it with it to this day. Two world wars were fought for the purpose of crushing and dividing up the remains of the traditional governments in the west. At the end of the second world war this infection had spread to both China and Japan, all the while our ethics, virtues and identity become increasingly corroded by the horrors of these borderless monstrosities.

By the dawn of the information age we see ourselves in our worst state yet. Modern technologies have played a pivotal role in the subversion of ideals of spirit. The ease of access of both comfort and information has reduced the material benefits that many personal virtues once provided. No longer is quality of character important when one can communicate anonymously at leisure to any of billions of people around the world. No longer does one need to learn to work charitably with others when his work is now solitary in front of a computer. Modesty is not necessary, when one can insult a local retailer and then proceed to substitute her products with online goods. The common result the information age and accessibility to comfort has brought is a widespread decadence, spurred by the erosion of the sense of responsibility that meant life or death to our ancestors.

Thanks to the “sexual revolution”, we live in a world in which adultery and divorce is the average. Polygamy is remerging as people treat their relationships as nothing more than sex toys. Women, widespread, cry rape after drugging themselves to the point of blacking out, half naked, amongst strangers. The sanctity of marriage is universally laughed at and shattered. Additionally, drug usage like this has become widespread. A combination of the pharmaceutical corporate hegemony and an open border provides constant promotion of addiction by doctors and Mexican cartels alike.

Our high school graduates take out loans to pay for what are already state subsidized universities. These schools function as brainwashing centers, promoting third wave feminism, Marxism and multiculturalism. Whites attempting to enroll in these universities are forced to compete with loaded odds against minorities thanks to affirmative action; all the while being subject to their disproportionately high homicide and murder rates in day to day life. Those who reject the “values” that these state run universities mandate are failed in their courses.

Foreigners now flood both america and our ancestral homelands in Europe as an organized effort by billionaires funding politicians to annihilate our racial and ethnic identity. Tax exempt NGOs whose sole purpose is to transport migrants in hordes to demographically european nations are funded by these same billionaire think tanks who remain unchecked. With them, these migrants bring mass crimes of rape, murder and arson which are hidden by european governments such as Germany, France, The UK and Sweden by obscuring racial data. Entire sections of cities have begun to enforce sharia law in the capitals of our once christian countries. Miscegenation is promoted commercially around every street billboard and in every TV ad and our race is universally referred to as “privileged” because we were able to conquer better than those races who attempted to do the exact same thing. Wages and our standard of living are driven down in favor of corporate interests lobbying for even further third world immigration and whites are put out of business by illegals working for under minimum wage. All the while the heinous media loud them as future doctors, engineers and lawyers, with a largely decadent and pacified population too apathetic to oppose it’s own engineered extinction.

Right now, our ancestors of old couldn’t recognize their living descendants by their actions and lifestyle choices. In one or two generations, they won’t be able to recognize us by our blood. National Expanse is a community of white nationalists with a healthy disdain of a world that seeks to destroy us. If you find yourself addicted to worldly pleasures or unwilling to oppose this nightmare of western decay, then our organization is not for you.


American is currently centered around the desires of the individual - the weakest traits of man. A system centered around such weak traits will bring about spiritual and intellectual decay in those not wise to it. The mark of a cultured man is the suppression of these primitive and animalistic desires - he is one who pursues higher virtues in contrast to self indulgence or comfort. American society, which follows this pattern of decay, will and must be necessarily succeeded by those can conquer the vices which have brought our nation to it’s deathbed.

Thus one must inquire, “what makes a strong and cultured individual?” If desires are rooted in impulse and instinct, then naturally, our impetus for the suppression of instinct comes from our higher ideals. Denial of outright hedonism often requires denying the very pleasures we seek as an individual. This requires discipline. The ability to act on our higher ideals, even when in direct opposition to what makes us feel good, is a direct expression of discipline.

Such expressions can take many forms: mastery of the human body, is one such example. Proper exercise requires that an individual put behind him what feels good, opting to endure great physical strain. The act of investing money into private property rather than consumer goods is another such example. The impulse to indulge in quick spending comes naturally, but investment for better future - as well as learning to persevere the trials required for such a future is always a notion stemming from a superior ideal. Without the higher ideal to guide mankind’s notion of what the world should look like, man has no reason to even act on the environment. For this reason, discipline is the root of all of mankind’s admirable traits.

Discipline originates from two components: the ideal and the will. The ideal is the construct of a perfect form. The flawless pinnacle of achievement. Should a discipline lack a good foundational idea, then the discipline will falter before the individual has even tried. Man must strive to achieve perfection, even when impossible. These values are distinct from petty individual desires. Never allow yourself to blur the two together.

The second of these components is the will. The ability to act on an idea. Without the ability to alter the behaviors and environment around an individual, ideas are useless. The idea of the great city on the hill is null and void if the individual can not bring himself to forge such a vision. One must be willing to push himself, even in the most difficult of scenarios.

From this exalted discipline, true character is forged. The excess of individual desire is stripped away, leaving dignity behind. A dignified man, known for his actions and character rather than his words, is a respected one. While words and flattery may bring people to immediately like you, your actions in relation to them will have a vastly greater impact.

A truly distinguished and dignified man also acts with respect to his culture, family and society. You own yourself to both those who came before you and those who will succeed you. You must no only ensure their safety and well being, but prioritize it above your own if necessary. All men belong to something larger than the individual. The recognition of this gives us our place in society.

Ultimately, this trait of dignity is what we wish to pursue. Dignity distinguishes a leader from a follower. Dignity inspires fear in the enemy, and admiration in the friend. Dignity, is a metal of honor, a testament to a man’s ability to physically and robustly shape the environment around him to his own ideal.

As we enter an era where these values are viewed increasingly as fluid, aptitude in practicing these virtues grows increasingly important. Those who have the discipline to master themselves, will master the world around them.


All power is rooted from two concepts: knowledge and capability. Without these two ideas, power cannot exist. From knowledge we draw the understanding of how to act, and from capability we draw the willingness and ability to do so. Without the willpower to act, knowledge is meaningless, just as action is worthless without understanding.

Those who are the most capable will rise to the top; with those failing to possess the same aptitudes finding their utility in supporting them. All forms of human organization must adhere to this fact should they wish to grow in power. Anarchistic and egalitarian structures will not be those to rule America. Instead it will be the strong and powerful that forge it with their own hands.

Should we, the National Expanse, wish to rise in our own power; our order must posses three traits: The first of these is hierarchy - the most experienced and capable members will be placed at the top, not only as leaders but also as examples for others to follow. Their role will be that of standard bearers for the modern era. The next is an eye towards our goal. We must always keep it in view, never forgetting our prize. It is also imperative that we go to great lengths to understand the problems ahead of us. Finally, the group must always take great care in self improvement. Not simply in the individual, but in the very nature of the organization itself. Without adaptability, we can resist nothing.

The National Expanse rejects the notion that power can simply be built from propaganda alone. The endless cycle of posters and promenade that others spin through is a trap designed to keep nationalism effortlessly caught in the imagined world and out of the wastes of the real. Instead, great effort must be made to create a foothold in our own communities. Fixing the problems of our own towns and cities will lead to true progress, not quick notoriety. While there is a place for such techniques, they are not the primary focus of National Expanse.

This organization shall be built from the bottom up. Without a strong foundation of values built into its base, it will never outlive the petty aspirations of the individuals within it. At its most basic level, small groups should come together and know each other. They should hike, camp, work and train together. Each group should know the landscape of their state well, and the threats associated with it.

From this position, the District Authority is created. These administrators guide, assess, and assist the smaller groups of the state. They help provide technological and physical infrastructure, as well as training for the smaller groups, ensuring adhesion and proper progress is being made.

At the top level sits the Greater Administration. All large operation planning is done at this level. From here, capabilities can be understood and unified into a greater order, towards a goal greater than any individual. This base should stand tall and monolithic, but must also take great care as to not become insulated from the challenges of the small state level groups they guide.

From this great order, we hope to re-forge our surroundings to build a legacy beyond even ourselves.