Strategy 2018 .pdf

The NFP Strategy manual for 2018-2019. A must read.

Poster Distribution Manual .pdf

A full guide on how to safely and properly distribute posters, stickers, and other pieces of physical propaganda.

Adhesives manual .pdf

A long and exaustive list of Adhesives and the right situations to use them in.

Discord Situation .pdf

A full analysis of the Discord situation, the actors involved, and alternatives to the platform.

Budget Postering Manufacturing .pdf

Things getting a bit to expensive on your end? Want to soak up your enemy's resources and use them as your own? A quick and well written guide to low cost propaganda solutions.

Redstick Manual .pdf

A full guide to building and distributing redstick usb drives effectively.

Redstick Files .zip

A zip containing the resources needed to make your own redstick drive.

Posters .zip

A cache of all NFP posters since 2017.

Strategy 2017 .pdf

NFP strategy for 2017. (outdated, please see 2018 strategy document)