The National Federalist Party recognizes the existence of a two-part problem within the modern American political system. The first lies within the poor representation of the nation’s localities and of the nation as a whole, with the second being a direct result of the former.

A majority of representatives within our government no longer advocate for the well being of their own constituents. This is due to a simple, yet fatal flaw of identity. Though many representatives would publicly identify themselves as Americans and nothing more, they are ultimately subordinate to other loyalties. Their true identities often represent only a small portion of the groups that entrusted them with the responsibilities that they now hold. It is no secret that politicians’ tunes frequently change once they attain power.

Those whom we have put faith in to act honestly — not just politicians — have instead bound themselves together into closed circles, and now vote based on these groups’ interests. These interest groups use favors, external pressure and even direct political manipulation in order to keep our representatives cooperative, rendering them into little more than tools for a greater power.

These interlopers — a mix of public and private individuals — introduce a secondary problem to the U.S. political system. While manipulation occurs in the state and federal governments themselves, these interest groups now attempt to insert themselves into previously uncontrolled territory. Their goals, which often amount to personal gain, have little crossover with the goals of the average, honest American.

These cabals have no qualms with twisting words, meanings and even the truth itself to achieve their desires. They will use arguments that are not logically sound, but are emotionally appealing in order to overwhelm and censor any opposition. The 21st century discussion on equality is their bulletproof vest, for it is now taboo to stand against any such idea. All they need to do is casually claim that certain groups are underrepresented in particular systems, and the public will roll over for fear of being singled out. Communities will undergo drastic changes that are often unnecessary and that result in further misrepresentation. As more towns, counties and states fell under this alien reign, large portions of our country lost their autonomy and their ability to self govern.

As individual regions’ needs are surrendered, their unique identities are in turn stripped away. Without their core identities, communities will not have a leg to stand on, and their abuse will go on without end. The divided demographics that replace them will struggle for whatever clout they can get with the politicians, and the interlopers will continue to grow fat and powerful. If this cold, merciless process is not stopped, then our nation will fall to darkness. We will stagnate, and then we will break. The scattered pieces of our once great nation will not even resemble their assembled form. The United States of America as an identity, culture, people, land and civilization will die.

This future is bleak, but not unstoppable.