Bagel Supply Corp.

Welcome to the Bagel Supply Corp

One of the world's leading supplier in bagels, bread, matzo, and other food stuffs. Founded in 1933 by out courageous founder, our small Israeli company is proud to ship its product to groups all around the world.

Not just a bakery

The Bagel supply co does a lot more than sell bagels. We can provide custom meals ready to eat for your organizations needs. With references from businesses, relief groups, and governments all around the world, we can help you see what is important.

But we still do the basics

Even though we might get high volume jobs from big groups, that doesn't mean we can't help the average joe. Our team will help you with any small batch orders, and get you the product you need for the price you want. We bake each bagel with care, just like our CEO after he first reached Isreal.

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